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Termites New Haven | Bethwood Pest Elimination

A nest of termites discovered at a home in New Haven.

Residential and commercial problems with termites in New Haven, CT can be solved by contacting Bethwood Pest Elimination, the local experts on pest control. We specialize in carpenter ant and termite extermination, and we have been dealing with these and other pests for more than fifteen years. We are based out of and serve the entire Fairfield County area. Our owner will personally guarantee your satisfaction on-site and make sure that your home or office is safe from further damage by termites. Call today for deals on annual service plans and termite response packages, including a free evaluation.

Termites are a versatile and adaptable insect, capable of wreaking large havoc upon the wooden structures of buildings. It is important to never underestimate these creatures, and to take preemptive action to prepping your home for an invasion. We make a point to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the termites most common to the New Haven area, and our staff is experienced in identifying the types of termite or winged ant that can invade and cause irreplaceable damage. We employ the latest in pest control technologies to combat these deep-burrowing insects.

We use Termidor products in our termite control and are certified Termidor professionals. Termidor has consistently remained the most effective tool for exterminating entire termite colonies. These results are accredited by field tests conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture. The system is known as the Hex Pro baiting system. The process involves minimal baiting and requires no drilling or opening of the floor or walls. The system is also environmentally friendly and has low impact on the health of children and animals. Trust us to use an effective and safe solution to your termite problem.

If you're having difficulty with termites in New Haven, CT, contact Bethwood Pest Elimination today for a free inspection and estimate. Currently, we are offering a special offer of $75 off initial termite treatments and $25 off any annual service plan. Our results speak for themselves and are 100% guaranteed. Call us today to put a stop to further damage to your home.