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Carpenter Ants New Haven | Bethwood Pest Elimination

Don't let carpenter ants like this invade your New Haven home!

If you're having problems with carpenter ants in New Haven, CT or the surrounding Fairfield County area, Bethwood Pest Elimination is just a phone call away. Our local experts guarantee 100% satisfaction with your results. Our owner personally sees to each client to ensure this, and we won't give up until the problem is solved. We have more than fifteen years of experience dealing with carpenter ants, and we've seen it all. Don't let those pests dominate your yard! Call Bethwood Pest Elimination today to get even with the insects.

Carpenter ants are sometimes confused with termites, and understandably. These insects dig and tear into wood in order to build colonies running throughout the walls of your house. They most commonly attack wood that is wet or that has been damaged by mold and usually enter buildings through small cracks in windows, doors, or through wiring. They've also been known to enter through tree branches or powerlines that touch the building from above. These insects need water to survive, which is why they attack water-damaged buildings.

In order to prevent an invasion of carpenter ants in your home, eliminate standing water from areas around the premises. Keep trees, shrubs, and plants trimmed and away from the house. Avoid stacking firewood or wood used for construction in a pile near your house, as insects and other pests often use these for building nests. Once you understand these steps for precaution, a careful inspection and upkeep of your home or business can effectively prevent an outbreak.

If you do require extermination services, we will be there for you. We use materials that make use of a "delayed action" effect, causing a chain reaction that will destroy the entire colony. Foraging carpenters will ingest our products and live long enough to transport them back to the nest, where they will be distributed amongst the entirety of the ant population. This will allow us to effectively treat the areas we cannot reach deep within the wood.

Don't let carpenter ants in New Haven, CT be a problem anymore. Let them be our problem. Call Bethwood Pest Elimination for a free initial evaluation on your home or business, and keep unwanted pests outdoors!